SHAPAL™-M soft machinable ceramic becomes SHAPAL™ Hi-M soft
At the beginning of 2012, a new and improved version of
SHAPAL™ -M soft machinable ceramic was launched –
SHAPAL™ Hi-M soft with a 10% greater bending strength,
providing users greater freedom to design more complex
structural shapes.

What are the major differences between the two versions? In what
forms is the new material available? How can you best manage
the changeover? The Goodfellow website answers all these questions and more.

Please click here for a comparison of material properties between
the old and new grade.

Please click here for information on how Goodfellow can help
you manage the changeover to the new grade.

Forms and availability

SHAPAL™ -M soft and SHAPAL™ Hi-M soft are available from
stock as rod and sheet, and can be found in the on line
Goodfellow catalog
. We are also able to supply alternatives as
well as components precision-machined to your drawings.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Shapal TM machinable ceramic
For further assistance or questions regarding the change from SHAPAL™-M soft to SHAPAL™ Hi-M soft, please email us at

SHAPAL-M is a trademark of Tokuyama Corporation